Are Creepypasta rituals Lucifer’s New Kingdom in the 21st Century? Are Creepypasta rituals Lucifer’s New Kingdom in the 21st Century?
Some people sure that by using Creepypasta rituals Satan can be invoked. Is this true? I wanted to investigate more about this. Are Creepypasta rituals Lucifer’s New Kingdom in the 21st Century?

Some people sure that by using Creepypasta rituals Satan can be invoked. Is this true? I wanted to investigate more about this. I decided to find out about nightmarish so-called “games” and similar arcane rituals circulating among the Creepypasta community.

Here’s a two particularly frightening viral tales about casual and/or serious dabblers in occult ceremonies, tests and other practices, most of which end very badly for those who fail to follow the rules and instructions to the letter… Of course, all those stories, all those testimonies of people who claim that a Creepypasta ritual can bring the curse, can be just legends and myths. However, if is true or false that an infernal condemnation falls on us if we practice these demonic ceremonies, this does not prevent us from having fun because of terror.

Horizontum - Creeepypasta Rituals: The New Kingdom of Lucifer in the XXI Century?

These were some of the Creepypasta rituals or stories that caught my attention the most.

Much like “The Devil Game”, this ritual involves a mirror and candles… but beyond that, the rules are quite different, though no less ominous. It’s based on the old superstition that a person’s reflection houses the “dark side” of their being; this may be the reason why breaking a mirror brings bad luck, as it releases that negativity into our world.

Creepypasta ritual experts recommend using as old a mirror as possible for this, as it theoretically would house the highest concentration of negative energy due to longer use. Then, in the early morning hours before dawn, the participants should do the following:

Look into the mirror and concentrate on your own reflection, thus adding your own energy to it; then breathe on the mirror’s surface, which will briefly create a fog of condensation (they describe this as “anointing” the mirror). Once every participant has done this, they should then light a candle and hold it to the mirror long enough to create a scorch mark. After this has been done by everyone, a volunteer should then break the mirror.

Horizontum - Creeepypasta Rituals: The New Kingdom of Lucifer in the XXI Century?

According to the testimony of teenagers who claim to have participated in this ritual, this will release a mass of concentrated negative energy upon all those within a small radius of the mirror. At first, this seems like a foolish action, but they insist that this potent dose of negativity is only temporary, and will be released by the following morning. The result is a purging of bad luck from everyone involved, leading to success and good fortune… but with one very important stipulation: you may not survive long enough to enjoy it.

The only way to improve your odds of survival is to conduct a single mirror ritual with as many people as possible, so the negative energy will be “diluted” as it disseminates through multiple participants.

The one who has practiced this ominous ritual (which bears a strong resemblance to “The Devil Game”) claims it to be a modernization of an ancient pagan practice, through which, as legend would have it, a demonic being known as “The Midnight Man” could be summoned to grant a wish to those who call him. The downside to this, of course, is that the Midnight Man can turn the slightest indiscretion or violation of the rules into a fate worse than death for all involved.

Horizontum - Creeepypasta Rituals: The New Kingdom of Lucifer in the XXI Century?

As the title indicates, the ritual must begin precisely at Midnight, and concludes at exactly 3:33 am. The player(s) must conduct the ritual in a room with a closed wooden door. They must also bring a candle, pen and paper, matches and salt… as well as a few drops of their own blood.

It is very likely that this mirror ritual is a modern version of old pagan or medieval ceremonies. The symbols and ancestral fears of human beings do not change much. It’s almost the same panics that teenagers and young ladies felt a thousand years ago now.

It seems evident that the Creepypasta rituals are based on beliefs that lodge in the depths of our unconscious. These ceremonies may have roots as old as the hordes of primitive men who lived in the caves. In our time the so-called “Millennials” have made their own version of something very old. However, the Creepypasta rituals are nothing more than the ceremonies that have always received the name of magic, sorcery or witchcraft.

Magic or sorcery is the use of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures, and language with the aim of utilizing supernatural forces. The term magic has a variety of meanings, and there is no widely agreed upon definition of what it is or how it can be used.

Horizontum - Creeepypasta Rituals: The New Kingdom of Lucifer in the XXI Century?

Religious scholars have defined magic in different ways. One approach, associated with the anthropologists Edward Tylor and James G. Frazer, suggests that magic and science are opposites. An alternative approach associated with the sociologists Marcel Mauss and Emile Durkheim argues that magic takes place in private, while religion is a communal and organized activity.

The term magic comes from the Old Persian “magu”, a word that applied to a form of religious functionary about which little is known. During the late sixth and early fifth centuries BCE, this term was adopted into Ancient Greek, where it was used with negative connotations, to apply to religious rites that were regarded as fraudulent, unconventional, and dangerous. This meaning of the term was then adopted by Latin in the first century BCE.

Throughout history, there have been examples of individuals who practiced magic and referred to themselves as magicians. This trend has proliferated in the modern period, with a growing number of magicians appearing within the esoteric milieu. Undoubtedly, the “Millennials” have made the current version of magic, witchcraft and occult sciences; and this version is called “Creepypasta rituals”.

Before finishing this informative article about the Creepypasta rituals, let us know another of these ceremonies.

Horizontum - Creeepypasta Rituals: The New Kingdom of Lucifer in the XXI Century?

The following must take place before the clock reaches 12:01: the player writes their name on the paper, and adds a drop of their blood to it. Then they light the candle and turn off all other lights in the room. The paper is then placed in front of the closed door, and the lit candle placed on the paper. Once this is done, the player must knock 22 times… and remember that this must be completed before 12:01.

After knocking, open the door, then extinguish the candle and close the door again. According to legend, you have just admitted the Midnight Man into your home. Immediately relight the candle, and leave the room, taking care to keep the candle burning. Walk throughout the house, leaving all lights out, keeping matches or a lighter with you. Concentrating on your wish, while simultaneously keeping close watch on the flame, and be alert for any drops in temperature or the sound of faint whispers, which hint that the Midnight Man is nearby.

Continue this until precisely 3:33 am. If the flame goes out, this means the Midnight Man has found you, and you have only ten seconds to relight it. If you fail to do this, it’s said he will conjure your greatest fear before disemboweling you where you stand.

If you do not follow all the rules will the evil Midnight Man destroy your life forever? There are no answers. When someone enters the paths of mystery, all light disappears and truth and lies are mixed. As long as we do not have an exact answer (which we will never really have) let’s have a fun time reading about Creepypasta rituals or watching movies whose subject is precisely these ceremonies.

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